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Picture of  Diana Hiebeler

Diana Hiebeler

Picture of  Eric Clawson

Eric Clawson
Educational Assistant

Picture of  Meg Gangi

Meg Gangi

Picture of Ann Jacobson

Ann Jacobson
Autism & LID Specialist

Picture of Becky Williams

Becky Williams
SLP Assistant

Picture of Brenda Bush

Brenda Bush
PPCD Specialist

Picture of Cathy Miller

Cathy Miller
AGC Education Specialist

Picture of Deborah Gauntlett

Deborah Gauntlett
PPCD Teacher

Picture of Forrest Hancock

Forrest Hancock
Early Childhood Consultant

Picture of Jayme Alexander

Jayme Alexander
VI Specialist

Picture of Karen Vinson

Karen Vinson

Picture of Laura Peroutka

Laura Peroutka
Owner, BCBA

Picture of Lauren Potter

Lauren Potter

Picture of Maryteresa Tracy

Maryteresa Tracy
PPCD Specialist

Picture of Melissa Eckhoff

Melissa Eckhoff

Picture of Michelle Boring

Michelle Boring
Educational Assistant

Picture of Misty Terrell

Misty Terrell
Low Incidence Facilitator

Picture of Nichole Kertis

Nichole Kertis
AT & Related Services

Picture of Phuong Palafox

Phuong Palafox
SLP Education Specialist

Picture of Stephanie Hartman

Stephanie Hartman
Support Specialist