Handouts will be available in the session and available for download after conference.

All in a Day's Work: How to Adapt Lessons for Students who are Multiple Impaired with Significant Visual Impairments
Debra Leff, Nichole Kertis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) 101
Laura Peroutka

Behavior: The Magic of Visuals
Stephanie Hartman

Circle Time Renovation
Maryteresa Tracy

Coloring & Cutting & Writing- Oh My!
Melissa Eckhoff, Sarah Worcester

Conversational Scripts
Diana Pettke

Core Vocabulary for Students With Complex Comm. Needs
Karen Vinson

Creating Structure and Communication through Calendars
Cyndi O'Toole

Ethical Considerations for SLPs Working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations
Scott Prath

Ethical Considerations for Speech-Language Patholgists
Paula Chance

Explore the Media of Video on Demand
Carol Teitelman

Flexible Alternative: STAAR Alternate and Lesson Planning
Beverly Albers, Janis Donegan

Fun Ways to Teach Concepts for Students with Multiple Impairments
Kathie Preece

Growing Self Determined Adults
Misty Terrell

Help! This Kid Is Bad!
Cyndi O'Toole, Laura Petrouka

How can ONE Poem Cover So Many TEKS?
Nancy Perkins

iCan Do iT: iPad Apps iN Support of iEPs & STAAR
Nichole Kertis

Interactive Accommodations For Literacy Challenges
Perry Stokes

Introduction to Sexuality Education
Robbie Blaha

Ipad Basics for Sped Students, Teachers and Families- Subskills, Games and Productivity
Denise Szymczak

It Takes a Village: Planning A Good Life with the Decision-Making Matrix
Denise Geiger, Kim Greer

Let's Work Together! Inclusion, Literacy & Fun(ctional)!
Brenda Bush, Phuong Palafox

Literacy for Students with Cortical Visual Impairment
Jayme Alexander

Literacy Throughout the Day
Amie Gonzales, Jeanne Ply

Make it Work! Technology + PPCD = :-)
Michelle McGehee, Linda García

Making eBooks for My Students
Robin Reimund

Making It Meaningful: Teaching Academic Goals in a Funct. Way
Stephanie Hartman

Marvelous Math: Using Math Tubs in a Pre-K Classroom
Kori Winchell

Move It! Fun and Structed Movement Activities in the Classroom
Randy Foederer

No Boardmaker? No Problem! Using Microsoft Office to Create Visuals
Robin Reimund

PLAAFP to Goal Writing
Cathy Miller

PowerPoint Books
Trish Clifford

Roll into Reading with Literacy-Based Motor Activities
Deborah Gauntlett, Diana Hiebeler, Forrest Hancock

Sensing, Acting, Learning: Strategies for Fragile Learners
Millie Smith

Sensory Solutions to Challenging Behavior
Brenda Bush

Social Skills: From Parallel Play to Social Thinking
Laura Peroutka

Speech and Language Therapy in the Classroom: Can it Meet the Needs of Our Students
Katie Adams

Strategies that WORK: A Story about Bill Burden Elementary
Phuong Palafox, Meg Gangi, Eric Clawson, Becky Williams, Michelle Boring

The Challenging Child
Jeanine Fitzgerald

The Successful Employment Journey of a Young Man with Severe Autism
Linda Levine

Transition: It’s Not Just for High School. How One District Does Transition from PPCD to Life
Susan Upshaw

Using Apps to Support Student Independence
Carol Huntley

Using Ten Frames to Build Number Sense
Ann Jacobson

Using Visuals with the SAMA Assisting Process
Maryteresa Tracy

Video Stories: Change Behavior, Develop Language, Build Social Skills, and Have Fun Doing It!
Jessica Roberts

Working with Paraprofessionals - How to Make It Work
Stephanie Hartman